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Pearl Jam, in Lincoln, Neb. 10-09-14.

Lesson 1: I need to upgrade my phone before next show. Some of these are blurry. I couldn’t do it justice, anyway.

Personal highlights, firsties, in order, Smile, Go-Why Go, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Nothingman, Getaway, Eruption, Open All Night.

Best versions I’ve heard: RVM, Black, Rockin’ In the Free World, Sometimes, Insignificance, Sirens, Half Full, Yellow Ledbetter.

John Lennon and I share a birthday, so knew we probably would get Imagine. At the end, EdVed said “Happy birthday, John.” I think he meant me, but it could have been Lennon, I suppose.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you to this band. See you in the Quad Cities.

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Pearl Jam - Lincoln - October 9

Pendulum ***
Sometimes ***
Nothingman ****
Go ****
Why Go ****
Getaway ***
Corduroy ****
Light Years ***
Mind Your Manners ***
Sirens (Please Don’t Go) ****
Present Tense ****
Eruption ****
Even Flow ***
Infallible **
Do the Evolution ***
Gods Dice ***
Insignificance ***
Half Full ***
Better Man/(Don’t Let Me Down) *****
Porch ****
= Encore Break =
You Got To Hide Your Love Away ****
Imagine ***
Small Town ***
Given To Fly **
Lightning Bolt ****
Jeremy ***
Black (Slow Rearviewmirror tag) ***
Rearviewmirror ****
= Encore Break =
Smile *****
Open All Night [bruce Springsteen] (?) ****
Alive ***
Rockin’ In the Free World ****
Yellow Ledbetter ****

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No. 4 Pearl Jam - Someday We'll Go All The Way - Wrigley Field 7/19/13

Part of life as a Cubs fan is enduring the happy jealousy that strikes, when you watch a long-suffering fan base endure even the least bit of magic in the postseason. Especially in your backyard.

Congratulations to Kansas City, moving on to the ALCS.

Soon, soon, we’ll get our own Blue October.

Four days.

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No. 6 Pearl Jam - Nothingman (New York '10)

A beautfiul, elegant, painful song, the best constructed of the -man trilogy - if not the biggest crowdpleaser - is No. 5 on Vitalogy, and hinted at the band’s move from the grunge rock of Ten and the anger and resentment of Versus into much more of a mixed bag. The acceptance of age? The construction of thoughtful, more complex ballads? Maybe, maybe not.

I think back to my senior year of high school basketball often. Full of have-nots and almost-was’s, we lost more games than we should have. On the long bus rides home, if we lost, I would open up my Discman, and select Vitalogy from a bulky stack of discs, and Nothingman would greet my ears.

This is way too sad for a song that hints at optimism, however.

For the record, when we won, I’d also listen to Vitalogy, usually Not For You.

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